Thursday, August 5, 2010

I heart Provo Craft

I purchased a GYPSY about 3 months ago. I was scared and excited all at the same time about learning to use it! I got out all the goodies from the box (oh, did I mention I got a flippin great deal off of EBAY?!) and started to link my first cartridges and that is when it all went down south. The gypsy froze ALL NIGHT! I couldn't imagine that it would really take that long to load up ONE cartridge. So, in the morning, I put the gypsy away promising myself I wouldn't forget it. Well, fast forward to two days ago. I told myself that sometimes instant gratification can't happen all the time. By the way, that is concept that I am having a hard time with, but I disgress....Well, that is where the part of the gypsy takes a seat. I couldn't find 2 out of the 3 cords that I had 3 months ago. I am not surprised because I am famous, or it is infamous with losing things. I was advised by the cricut MB to call Provo Craft. I didn't expect much but I thought, what the hay. So, Jake told him he would send out 2 two cords I was missing AT NO CHARGE! I thought that was awesome. I told him what the problems I was having 3 month ago and he said to call again if that happens when I recieve the cords.

Now THAT is customer service.

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